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The traitor Admiral Zaarin has dared to challenge the Emperor!
Emperor Palpatine has ordered Vice Admiral Thrawn to stop this traitor. The damage done by Zaarin is only now becoming clear. The Empire can not show any sign of weakness. The TIE Advanced manufacturing facilities are at risk. The TIE Defender research platform is still under Zaarin's control. And Rebel Alliance continues to spread chaos and subversion!
Continue the fight against our enemies and help bring peace and order to a troubled galaxy!


The only mission disk for TIE Fighter was released in 1994 (same approximate time as X-Wing Collector's CD-ROM).
This mission disk adds in original game:
  • 3 new battles
  • New starfighter, the Missile Boat
  • 4 training mission for Missile Boat in Combat Chamber
  • Several new spacecraft (Space Manufacturing Facility etc.)

    Description of new battles:

  • Strategic Warfare (Omar system, 6 missions) - Zaarin attempts sabotage.
  • T/D Technology (Parmel syste, 6 missions) - Secure TIE Defender technology.
  • New threats (Eva-T system, 6 missions) - Counter-Attack!
    Defender of the Empire Front Cover
    Defender of the Empire Back Cover


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