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The Death Star has been destroyed. The Rebellion has struck its strongest blow yet. The Emperor is not pleased.
In the aftermath of the battle of Yavin, the Rebels must abandon their base to escape destruction by the still superior Imperial fleet menaced by relentless Imperial attacks. Alliance must search for a hidden location to buidl their new secret base. But hopes of survival fade as the Emperor conceives of a fiendish plan to ensnare the Rebel fleet and annihilate it once and for all.
Will the Rebels escape the Emperor's latest diabolical trap?
Can you fight off the Imperial pursuit?


The first mission disk for the great X-Wing game was released in 1993. This mission disk adds in original game:
  • New Tour of Duty (Imperial Pursuit) - campaign consists of twenty missions and player has four choices of two missions

  • 4 short cutscenes which complete story-line of campaign

    The campaing describes Rebel's escape from Yavin base and their searching of hidden location for new base. The Rebels must resist a growing Imperial pressure. Later the Empire gets new type of ship in their fleet - the Interdictor Cruiser. The campaing ends Rebel's assault on Imperial dock by assistence corvette with special shield.

    Imperial Pursuit Front Cover
    Imperial Pursuit Back Cover


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