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X-Wing Alliance Upgrade - The BEST site for all X-Wing Alliance owners. You can download updated craft with more detail and better textures here. These craft look really fantastic! You also can visit a large forum where you can meet X-Wing fans from all over the world.

X-Wing Legacy - Legendary site about X-Wing series games, which host various fan sites and forum. Unfortunately the site is almost dead .


Troy Dangerfield's Editor Page - The best missions editors for XWA (Allied), XvT (XvTED) and X-Wing (X-ED). The second and third editors are complete free and AlliED is shareware. You can also buy full version of AlliED for $10.

XvT Technologies - Jedi Hunter's site with many programs for creating and editing OPT files, such as OPTech, Opt2prj, and Opt Enhancer.

BiosBoys Blaster Shop - Home of OPT Viewer Dx, the best program for OPT files viewing.

Darksaber's X-Wing Station - The best site for all X-Wing games fans. You can download many various programs for XWA and other X-W games editing here.

Defiant's Flying Temple - You can download the X-Wing Install System (XIS) here for XMOD files installing.


Darksaber's X-Wing Station - The best site with many new ships (E-Wing, K-Wing, Episode I ships, various TIE craft, updated main craft from XWA including fantastic X-Wing and many many more), various tutorials, etc.

MTD Industries - Nice site with many new OPTs especially from Episode II and III. Home of upcoming Clone Wars shipset.

Abolisher's Mission Command Outpost - Site where you can download the best new missions for XWA and the best whole new campaign about the Ashgard family, planetary missions, many new cockpits and updated OPT files. Author is a co-creator of the Battle of Yavin shipset. (My favorite site )

TIE Fighter Total Conversion - The TFTC project is an attempt to convert one of LucasArts best games of all time to the more modern X-Wing: Alliance game engine. This conversion uses a mixture of original TIE Fighter content and some items specifically designed for the conversion.

Vince T'S X-Wing HQ Site - Many new OPTs (ships, planetary surfaces, Imperial Hangar and upgraded Toscan Fighter) and big Blue Phantom project by talended modeller General Trageton.

XWA Expansion Guide - Very good site with many new ships (fantastic colossal motherships) and various tutorials for XWA editing.

X-Wing Alliance Version Intégrale - French site with huge project which creates shipset describing all Star Wars episodes (in French only, English version will be available in future).

SaxSoft Productions - Site where you can download two fantastic OPTs: E-Wing and "Tandem-X" X-Wing.

A Dark Prophecy Campaign - New mod for XWA. Creator of this mod plans many interesting features like 50 missions, new voices, sounds and cutscenes, 15 totally new craft, new surfaces and new planets for atmospheric and underwater battles. Many new OPTs have been already released.

Episode I Shipset - Shipset about Star Wars Episode I with nice OPTs (by Darksaber).

New Jedi Order Project - Shipset (not released yet) about the New Jedi Order novels.


LucasArts - Official site of LucasArts (creator of all Star Wars games including X-Wing series).

Totally Games - Creator of all X-Wing series games.


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