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Welcome! This site is delicated to X-Wing series games.

This famous series started in year 1993. This year the game called X-Wing was released. It was created by Totally Games (Lawrence Holland's company), and the famous LucasArts. This game together with others (Wing Commander, which was released before X-Wing.) defined a new genre of video games - action space simulator. The word "action" is important, because these games aren't real "hardcore" simulators. Partly these games don't simulate real craft (as simulators of military aircrafts) and these games aren't so complex and difficult (it isn't a miss).

Before X-Wing there were many various games (from various game systems) in which player can travel and fight in space. Some of these games allowed you to do some trading, along with combat. The best example is the first space simulator Elite from 1984. The X-Wing game itself is only a combat simulator, so it doesn't contain any trading.

The game takes place in the well-known Star Wars universe. This universe was born in 1977 when the first Star Wars film (A New Hope) appeared in cinemas. George Lucas, the creator of this universe, compiled unforgettable characters, a very good story and fantastic special effects. The legend was born (I'm sure that you all know what is Star Wars about - Rebels vs. Empire etc ). And in the X-Wing game you can jump into the cockpit of an X-Wing and fight for the Rebel Alliance (as Luke Skywalker) against evil Empire. In X-Wing's sequel you can fight on dark side for Empire too.

Many sequels came after successful X-Wing. All games of this series have been remade and improved and then released as the part of various game collections and archives (LucasArts must sell every one of their games three times at least ). Details about all games of series are described in separate sites (see menu on the left).

The last game of series was released in 1999 (and the last collection in 2000) and no future additions are planned (Sad, ain't it? ). LucasArts is now creating games about new Star Wars episodes (Episodes I and II) and Totally Games is working on new World War II combat simulators.

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