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Serve the Emperor!
Join the Imperial Navy and save the galaxy!
Pirates raid interstellar traders.
Terrorists threaten the galaxy.
Through their treachery on Yavin, the Alliance of Rebels and other criminals has threatened the very foundation of the Empire. As an Imperial Navy starfighter pilor, you will safeguard imperiled lives throughout the Galaxy. Only the Emperor can save us from total chaos and destruction. Join his cause in eliminating this rebel uprising as the Empire strikes back!


TIE Fighter was released in May 1994. This sequel to X-Wing stands the player on the opposite site of the galactic conflict - as a pilot for the Empire.
The player is the cadet of the Imperial Navy and must go through hard training. The training consist of two parts. The first part is the "Imperial training simulator", where the player learns basic controls of various starfighters. The second one is the "Combat Chamber" where the player practices in combat. If the player finish all training missions for a starfighter, they get a "training certificate" (something like a driving license).
Throughout the game, the player will fly in several starfighters: the TIE Fighter, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced, Assault Gunboat and a secret starfighter (the TIE Defender).
The game contains 7 battles, which can be played in various order. In the beginning of the game are opened only 4 battles. Other battles are available after completing previous ones. Every battle has its own short cutscene which help to complete the story-line of the campaign.

Description of battles:

  • Aftermath of Hoth (Hoth system, 6 missions) - Pursue Rebels fleeing from Hoth.
  • The Sepan Civil War (Sepan system, 5 missions) - End a prolonged civil war.
  • Battle on the Frontier (Newland system, 6 missions) - Establish a new Imperial base.
  • Conflict at Mylok IV (Mylok system, 5 missions) - Battle pirates in outer rim.
  • Battle for Honor (Parmel system, 5 missions) - Capture a defecting officer.
  • Arms race (Parmic system, 4 missions) - Zaarin builds new technology.
  • Treachery at Ottega (Parmel system, 5 missions) - Stop a revolt by rogue Imperials.
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