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Space combat for pilots of all ranks.
In the Galactic Civil War, squadrons of brave starfighter pilors determine the ultimate cource of the conglict. Now, for the first time, you will find all three epic adventures in the classic X-Wing space combat series within one package.

  • X-Wing - In the thrilling game that started it all, you fly for the Rebel Alliance against the might of the Imperial Navy.

  • TIE Fighter - The Imperial navy awaits your nimble skills as you prepare to defend the Empire against the insurgent Rebels.

  • X-Wing Alliance - No one in the galaxy can escape to excalating Galactic Civil War - not even a neutral group of traders running their own family business.


    The last collection of X-Wing series games was released in 2000 (I think only in North America). This collection doesn't contain any improvements in comparison with original games. It contains:
  • X-Wing 95 (from Collector Series)
  • TIE Fighter 95 (from Collector Series)
  • X-Wing Alliance
  • X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter Flight School

    This collection is last of the games and collections from the X-Wing series. No future games of this series are planned. Totally Games (creator of series), in cooperation with LucasArts, finished the series in March 1999, with X-Wing Alliance, and no future additions are planned .

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