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Time is running our for the Rebel Alliance...
In Imperial Pursuit the Rebels survived betrayal and savage attacks by the Emperor's forces. But now the evil lord Darth Vader, reeling from the devastating Rebel invasion on an Imprerial deep dock, has become obsessed with crushing the Rebellion. But little does vader know that the freedom fighters have secretly finished construction of a new powerful heavy-assault starfighter... the B-Wing.
But will the B-Wing help save the Rebellion in time?
Will the Rebels locate a new base while evading the deaded Imperial Starfleet?


The second mission disk for X-Wing game was released in 1993 (maybe 1994?). This mission disk adds in original game:
  • Brand-new starfighter B-Wing

  • 6 new training missions for B-Wing

  • New Tour of Duty (B-Wing) - this campaign consists of twenty missions and player has four times choice of two missions

  • 3 short cutscenes that help complete the storyline of the campaign

    In the campaign player protect the location of B-Wings production and then protect transport of new B-Wings. In the fourth mission of campaign player finally can fly in B-Wing. Later Rebels nab Imperial probes and get new and very valuable informations. The campaign ends with the Rebel's transport to a new hidden base on planet Hoth.

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    B-Wing Back Cover


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