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    Your christmas presents from XWA community are here. Marco Antonio Malheiros has released XWAUP version of the Cargo Ferry. Along with this, Master Qui-Gon comes up with his updated Probe.
    Darksaber has also released 2 new XWA editing programs on his site. The first is XWA OPTer. A program that fixes a lot of the shading problems on custom OPTs by recalculating the vertices. The second one is OPT GL. An OpenGL OPT Viewing program featuring numerous shading/mapping view options, as well as Flightgroup color and LOD views. Both programs were made by Ooc. To download there new OPTs and programs visit Darksaber's X-Wing Station.

    Cargo FerryProbe
    New OPT for Blue Phantom project by General Trageton is Dhilani Planetary Invasion Lander. These Landing juggernauts are the workhorses of the Dhilani Invasion Forces. Combining the functionalities of ground bombardment and troop transport they are flying fortresses designed to conquer rebellious worlds.
    General Trageton has also released the Republic style Victory I-class Star Destroyer (a modification of standard VSD featuring the typical red markings of the Republic fleet) and launched official Blue Phantom project forum. Visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Dhilani Planetary Invasion Lander


  • 2005-12-16
    Great DTM did it again! The last release from DTM before the Clone Wars Shipset is here. DTM has updated his older V-19 Torrent starfighter. This starfigther has appeared in Clone Wars cartoon series. Now this ship comes with own cockpit and exterior. To download this nice ship visit MTD Industries.

    V-19 Torrent starfighter
    Master Qui-Gon, Mateus Borges and Evil Jedi from the Warlords mod have done the Nantex-class Territorial Defense Fighter, a.k.a. Geonosian Starfighter. This starfigther has appeared in Episode II. Mateus Borges has also released the new version of JM's Armada-class battleship, the years ocean rusted version and the standard version. Check more at the downloads section of A Dark Prophecy Campaign site.

    Geonosian StarfighterGeonosian Starfighter
    Some new programmes for XWA editing have been released. Defiant has released new (and final) version of his X-Wing Install System. He has also made public XWSetup, an NSIS plugin he put together for Darksaber earlier this year. This plugin allows you to easily create self-extracting mods for XWA. Also available is the full source code for both the X-Wing Install System and the XWSetup plugin as they were at last release. For downloads visit Flying Temple.
    Next release is new version of OPTech (version 1.1), programme for OPT files making. The significant update in this version is the ability to merge meshes, transfer faces between meshes, and facilitate the assignment of low LOD meshes. You can download this gret editing tool from XvT Technologies.

    Flying TempleOPTech

  • 2005-12-05
    General Trageton has finished another OPT for X-Wing Alliance Upgrade project. Victory II Star Destroyer is different from VSD Mk. 1 and looks more like ISD. It has 3+4 engines, no wings, 3x4 twin turrets near the rear, altered bow section, darker hull and more windows. Along with this release, General Trageton has made upgrade to older VSD1 as well. For new OPTs visit X-Wing Alliance Upgrade site or  Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Victory Star DestroyerVictory II Star Destroyer

  • 2005-11-22
    The first OPT by new 'OPTer' Axingus is Lancer Frigate. Axingus is very tallented modeller and new OPT looks very nice. Good job! We need more updated bigger ships. I'm looking forward to his future models. You can download new Lancer Frigate HERE.

    Lancer FrigateLancer Frigate

  • 2005-11-21
    General Trageton has returned to his Blue Phantom project and finished another OPT - Dhilani Octopus. The exotic looking Octopus is the Dhilani Understanding of a Gunboat. It could be best described as a flying energy gattling gun than anything else. You can download this ship from General Trageton's site Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Dhilani OctopusDhilani Octopus

  • 2005-11-18
    The last OPT for upcoming Episode III: Battle over Coruscant shipset by General Trageton is Banking Clan Frigate. Heavy Star Frigate, originally used by the Banking Clan to carry the Clan's private communications network transceivers. Once the clone wars began, it became a major part of the separatist fleet. For more Ep. 3 ships and information about Battle over Coruscant visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Banking Clan Frigate

  • 2005-11-15
    It's incredible but it's true. The TIE Fighter Total Conversion has been finally released! After many years of waiting we can play classic TF missions in XWA engine. Ol, Darksaber, Bman and Linx310 have done great job on this conversion. It features: battles 1 - 7, XWAUP models for flyable crafts, cutscenes, voices, music, my Imperial concourse, new hangar, emails and more, all packed in a nice installer. Download it from TFTC Site and visit TFTC forum.
    Warning: You will need copy of TIE Fighter Collectors Edition (TIECD) CDROM or X-Wing Collectors Series Disk 2 (TIE95) CDROM and both XWA disks to install!

    TIE Figher Total Conversion
  • V-WING
    The new conversion from EvilJedi's Warlords mod for HW2 has been made by Berruga and DTM. Another new craft from Episode 3 for XWA is V-Wing. This mass produced fighter served in the Republic Starfleet in large numbers during the Clone Wars and continued to serve in the Imperial Starfleet in the years following the conflict. The ship is hosted by DTM on his site MTD Industries.

    Do you want more Episode 3 ships? OK, here is General Trageton's Trade Federation Battleship and Trade Federation Cruiser. The first one is Rebel's old OPT updated by General Trageton. The second one is famous General Grievous' flagship Invisible Hand.
    General Trageton have also set up a new section on his site, solely related to his upcoming Episode III: Battle over Coruscant shipset. For new ships and more information about Battle over Coruscant visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Trade Federation BattleshipTrade Federation Cruiser
    Downloads from upcoming Battle of Hoth shipset are here. ATX released a lot of new OPTs: T-74 Airspeeder (with cockpit), two ground turrets, Hoth landscape, AT-AT, AT-ST, Hoth shield generator and ion cannon. Nice work. I hope that we will see some mission soon! For all downloads and more informations about BOH shipset please visit ATX's Navbuoy.

    Battle of Hoth

  • 2005-10-30
    Darksaber has finally updated his homepage and uploaded new OPT! The new Xiytiear Transport was based on KarmaQ3 model and modified, textured and Opted by Berruga. As usual you download this OPT from Berruga's section on Darksaber's X-Wing Station.

    Xiytiear Transport
    The next OPT from Berruga is Scarab starfighter. This starfigther has appeared in Star Wars: Starfigther and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter games. The Scarab starfighter was made by Chris Boudreaux and converted by Berruga to XWA. The ship is hosted by DTM on his site MTD Industries.

    Scarab starfighter

  • 2005-09-26
    DTM's new OPT is 'Adventure' Geonosian Sailer - powerful large vassel used by the separatist army in the first time of the Clone Wars. This ship is DTM's original design because he needs a pre-invisible hand capital ship for the first Clone Wars period. For more informations and download please visit MTD Industries site.

    'Adventure' Geonosian Sailer'Adventure' Geonosian Sailer

  • 2005-09-06
    There is another ship from Episode III ready for download! Droid Tri-Fighter (originally from EvilJedi's Star Wars modification for Homeworld 2 called Warlords) has been converted to XWA by Berruga. This ship is hosted by DTM on his site MTD Industries.

    Droid Tri-Fighter
    The new ship for the Blue Phantom project is Phoenix-Class Cruiser, the last of the UPMF capital ships. This massive battleship is the most common heavy warship in the UPMF Navy. Phoenix Cruisers are widely spread within the UP territory as they're fast in production and have proven their reliability many times. You can download this ship from General Trageton's Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Phoenix-Class CruiserPhoenix-Class Cruiser

  • 2005-09-01
    New TIE for A Dark Prophecy Campaign is called TIE Dart. TIE Dart is extremelly fast, heavily-armed with special shield. This nice fighter comes with exterior version and fantastic cockpit. OPT was made by Mateus Borges and EXO Trident using Darksaber's TIE pilot. For download visit A Dark Prophecy Campaign site.

    TIE Dart

  • 2005-08-25
    It's unbelievable! DTM has released another OPTs from Clone Wars period. Low Altitude Assault Transport/Republic Gunship is by my opinion the most beautifull ship seen in Episode II and III. Republic Gunship is space assault version of LAAT with closed doors. To download this OPTs visit MTD Industries.

    Low Altitude Assault TransportRepublic Gunship

  • 2005-08-24
    Another OPT from Episode III has been released. General Trageton's Venator-Class Star Destroyer is now finally complete and ready for download. The Venator-Class Star Destroyer, also known as Republic Attack Cruiser, was constructed by Kuat Dre Yards in the course of the Clone Wars. It was the first starship in the Grand Army of the Republic that was not designed as a cargo- or troop transporter but in fact as a ship-to-ship combat vessel. For download visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Venator-Class Star DestroyerVenator-Class Star Destroyer
    After several months of silence, the X-Wing Alliance Version Integrale project is back. Matthias, head of this project, has made new website and started working on it again. With all new Episode II and III OPTs project could make nice progress very soon. Visit XWAVI project site.

    XWA Version Integrale

  • 2005-08-22
    While waiting for the Battle of Geonosis shipset, DTM is releasing step by step all OPTs of the shipset for personal use. This time it's the Geonosian surface! You may use the surface only with mission editors, no skirmish! There is also new page opened at the Expanded Universe section of MTD Industries where you can download this OPT.

    Geonosian Surface

  • 2005-08-15
    Master Qui-Gon has released another ship converted from Star Wars Galaxies game. The new OPT is Espace Pod. Small one but very nice! As usual you download this OPT from Master Qui-Gon's section on Darksaber's X-Wing Station.

    Espace PodEspace Pod

  • 2005-08-08
    The new ship is available at MTD Industries. Radiant Diplomatic Cruiser is known from SW Episode I as the vessel that transported Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi to Naboo. Great work DTM! To download this nice OPT visit MTD Industries.

    Radiant Diplomatic CruiserRadiant Diplomatic Cruiser

  • 2005-08-03
    Marco Antonio Malheiros has released new OPT. After freighter type C and H there is finally Freighter Type K! And this one is the most beautifull from all three. I can't wait for Marco's next work. As usual you can download this OPT from Darksaber's X-Wing Station or XWA Upgrade project sites.

    Freighter Type KFreighter Type K

  • 2005-08-03
    The Blue Phantom project is progressing very well. Amazing General Trageton has finished Inferno-Class Destroyer OPT. The Inferno Destroyer is a medium sized destroyer that focusses on both broadside battle and Fleet escort as well as Frontal engagements on larger vessels. With medium top speed the Inferno is thus capable of both defensive as well as offensive tasks. For download and for more informations visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Inferno-Class DestroyerInferno-Class Destroyer
    Imperial Alliance will be a free downloadable Star Wars space combat game created by the Emperor's Hammer's Science Office. It aims to be a viable replacement for the gaming platforms currently in use by the Emperor's Hammer, such as "X-Wing Alliance" and "TIE Fighter".
    This new site offers you an insight into the features of the game and the progress of its development. When Phases are released you will be able to download the demo, full game and other packages from here. However, while creators are in a closed beta there is no release dates yet. Visit Imperial Alliance website.

    Imperial Alliance website

  • 2005-07-27
    JM has finished new version of his Dominator Interdictor Star Destroyer. Dominator is a modification of the Imperial Star Destroyer spaceframe to mount gravity well generators on a much more combat effective ship than the Immobiliser Interdictor, thus allowing her to operate without requiring support ships. To download this OPT visit JM's site XWA Expansion Guide.

    Dominator Interdictor Star DestroyerDominator Interdictor Star Destroyer

  • 2005-07-21
    General Trageton has released another OPT for his Blue Phantom project. This time it's the big one - The Warrior-Class Battlecruiser. This 5km behemoth compensates the firepower of an entire fleet. Despite its size, the Warrior is a fast and agile ship. To download this OPT and for more informations visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    The Warrior-Class BattlecruiserThe Warrior-Class Battlecruiser
    MTD Industries goes at it again! Just like last time, DTM has some hot new stuff available. This time it's updated versions of his PP-1 Murdoc and his Arcadia Battleship, both to be found in the Tango Pirates section of a MTD Industries.

    PP-1 MurdocArcadia Battleship

  • 2005-05-14
    The first ship from upcoming Star Wars Episode 3 is Eta-2 Actis Interceptor by DTM. The Jedi Interceptor is a next-generation light interceptor created for the Jedi Order. Based on the design of the older Delta-7 Jedi starfighter, the Eta-2 Interceptor is one of the lightest, agile and deadly ships of the age. This beautiful OPT comes with nice cockpit and exterior parts. You can download this OPT from MTD Industries site.

    Eta-2 Actis InterceptorEta-2 Actis Interceptor
    This modified corvette called Mandragora Corvette is another conversion from SWG game and will be used in A Dark Prophecy Campaign. Models and textures were made by Master Qui-Gon and OPTed by Mateus Borges. This heavilly modified Corvette features more firepower, better shielding and better hull plating. For download visit A Dark Prophecy Campaign site.

    Mandragora CorvetteMandragora Corvette

  • 2005-04-23
    New OPT by X-Wing Alliance Upgrade team is Space Colony 3. Model and textures were made by General Trageton. New Space Colony 3 looks really nice especially the hangars. You can download this new OPT from X-Wing Alliance Upgrade site or  Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Space Colony 3Space Colony 3

  • 2005-04-22
    The new OPT for A Dark Prophecy Campaign is AT-AT Barge by Marco Malheiros. The AT-AT Barge is a simplistic vessel, designed for the purpose of transport a single AT-AT Walker from orbit to the surface of a planet. It has a extremely heavy armour, which allows it to resist massive amount of damage. You can download this beatiful OPT from A Dark Prophecy Campaign site.

    AT-AT BargeAT-AT Barge
    The whole new mod for XWA is in progress. Creator of this mod Mateus Borges plans many interesting features like 50 missions, new voices, sounds and cutscenes, 15 totally new craft, new surfaces and new planets for atmospheric and underwater battles.
    The first OPTs from this mod were already released: new Archangel-class Star Destroyer, Armada-class Battleship and fantastic Leviathan-class Star Destroyer (Battlecruiser with capability of operation underwater). For new OPTs and further informations about this mod visit A Dark Prophecy Campaign site.

    Leviathan-class Star DestroyerLeviathan-class Star Destroyer
    DTM and his MTD Industies are back! DTM made totally new site and released many new or updated ships. There are new OPTs like Jedi Starfighter, Anakin's modified Jedi Starfighter, Arcadia Battleship, Corellian Bat and Corellian Vampire, V-19 Torrent Assault Fighter, Sith Red Fighter and many more. Be sure to visit new MTD Industries site.

    Jedi StarfighterJedi Starfighter
    New OPT from General Trageton's Blue Phantom project is Dhilani Sentinel Attack Fighter. This successor of the Dhilani Nemesis is a slim and fragile looking craft. However its enormous speed and agility along with its small shape make it a very advanced space superiority fighter. To download this OPT and for more informations visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Dhilani Sentinel Attack FighterDhilani Sentinel Attack Fighter
    JM released some of his older stuff, specifically two campaings for Balance of Power and 25 missions for XWA. The first BoP campaing for Imperial side is called Imperial Intelligence Campaign and has 25 missions and 7 cutscenes. The second one, Warhammer Squadron Campaign has 15 missions and 4 cutscenes. It's good to see this old missions back online. Visit JM's nice site XWA Expansion Guide.

    XWA Expansion Guide

  • 2005-03-27
    There is nice addition to General's Trageton Mustafar surface. It's Volcano Hangar. This hangar is a large landing platform built into the steep edge of a volcanic crater, only a few hundred meters above a lake of molten lava. For this hangar OPT visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Volcano HangarVolcano Hangar
    After long time there are some new missions for XWA. Bromma Herman presents to you Imperial Retreat - Battle 1. You are a Imperial Pilot, joining the Empire soon after Endor. Flying the Gunboat, TIE Advanced and more advanced Imperial Craft this 6 mission campaign offer you a evening of entertainment. Watch the tense battle of Mizor 5, Defend a Vengeance Battlecrusier and recon the Rebellion Task Force in a cloaked figther! Download this missions here and visit small Imperial Retreat site.

    Imperial Retreat (T/A from xwaupgrade.com)

  • 2005-03-13
    XWA Upgrade project made nice progress in last days. This time was upgraded C-3 Passenger Liner. Model, textures and OPTing were made by JM. The new version looks great! I hope that Calamari Cruisers will be next on JM's list. To download new Passenger Liner visit XWA Upgrade project site or JM's site XWA Expansion Guide.

    C-3 Passenger Liner

  • 2005-03-12
    The new version of Imperial XWA is here for you to download! This version features updated concourse, new uniform, new ranks, new music for all rooms and General Trageton's Imperial hangars (Star Destroyer and Death Star version). I would like to thank to Darksaber for everything incl. installer, General Trageton for hangars and new ranks and Griffin for hosting. You can download this pack from downloads site.

    Imperial XWA

  • 2005-03-11
    This download is General Trageton's tribute to probably one of the greatest planets in the SW-Universe (after Coruscant) - The hellish planet of Mustafar, stage for the furious duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Darth Vader in the end of the upcoming final part of the star Wars series: Episode 3 - Revenge of the Sith. For this surface OPT visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    planet of Mustafarplanet of Mustafar
    You can download new upgraded craft for XWA. The latest OPT from XWA Upgrade team is Heavy Lifter. The model of this craft was made by Wraith1, textures and OPTing by Gringlas. Nice work! For download visit (as usual) XWA Upgrade project site.

    Heavy Lifter

  • 2005-03-10
  • XT-300 PIRANHA
    General Trageton has finished next fighter for the Blue Phantom project - XT-300 Piranha. The Piranha is the latest and most advanced stock fighter from ShiCon Dynamics' XT-Series. With a vastly reduced overall size, upgraded engines and greatly improved overall performance, this fighter represents the state of the art in UPMF starfighter technology. For download and more informations visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    XT-300 PiranhaXT-300 Piranha
    The TIE Fighter Conversion Project by General Taskeen is complete and ready for download. This TF conversion is different from Ol's TIE Fighter Total Conversion project. Released TFCP includes all 104 missions from that old TIE Fighter game, with all the briefings and mission voices. The pack has 20.1 MB and you can download it here or here. Don't forget to install my Imperial XWA before playing this conversion!

    TIE Fighter

  • 2005-02-26
  • XT-100 VIPER
    General Trageton's new OPT for his Blue Phantom project is XT-100 Viper. The first Fighter of Shicon's XT-series has been constructed fourty years before the foundation of the United Planets. For many years it was the primary defense force in the Hedrec system, until the Victory Fighter came out. For download and more informations visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    XT-100 ViperXT-100 Viper

  • 2005-02-06
    General Trageton released next OPT for his Blue Phantom project - Liberator-Class Corvette. The purpose of this light vessel was to escort/support convoys. While designed as an escort ship, its durability and fairly large cargo capacity soon caused it to take over the role as an armed freighter itself. For download and more informations visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Liberator-Class CorvetteLiberator-Class Corvette

  • 2005-02-05
    Who is the most active and the best OPTer of the present? The answer is very simle - it's Marco Antonio Malheiros! This time Marco reworked next freighter specifically Freighter Type C. Bravo! You can download this nice OPT from Darksaber's X-Wing Station or XWA Upgrade project sites.

    Freighter Type CFreighter Type C

  • 2005-01-22
    General Trageton released two new Imperial hangars. The first is an updated imperial style hangar that replaces the default rebel one, so you get a real imperial feeling. Featured is also the enourmous outer docking bay as well as catwalks and TIE Fighter racks on the ceiling. The second one is Death Star II hangar, in which Emperor Palpatine's Shuttle arrived in Return of the Jedi. For downloads visit new version of Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Imperial hangarDeath Star II hangar

  • 2005-01-08
    It's amazing! There is another upgraded craft. Marco Antonio Malheiros remodeled one of the ugliest XWA OPT - Freighter Type H. Marco's new version looks very nice. Good job! For download visit Darksaber's X-Wing Station or XWA Upgrade project sites.

    Freighter Type HFreighter Type H

  • 2005-01-02
    It seems that new year will be great for X-Wing Alliance. The first OPT of this year is Nebulon-B class Frigate, another ship converted from SWG game by Master Qui-Gon. Very nice new year's present! For download visit Darksaber's X-Wing Station.

    Nebulon-B class Frigate
    The last OPT from 2004 year is Firespay Attack Ship by Master Qui-Gon with little help from Darksaber (using model from SWG). This OPT comes with nice flight group textures. The FG textures are Boba Fett's Slave 1, Azameen Firespray "Andrasta", Jango Fett's Slave One and civilian grey Firespray. Nice work! I hope we will see cockit and exterior OPTs soon. Download this ship from Darksaber's X-Wing Station or XWA Upgrade project sites.

    Boba Fett's Slave 1Azameen Firespray Andrasta

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