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    It's been a while anything has been released on Darksaber's X-Wing Station but now there is finally something new - the upgraded T-Wing Interceptor. This OPT has been in progress for 5 years and has been finished thanks to three guys: JC, Darksaber and Berruga. Nice work. You can download this OPT from Berruga's section on Darksaber's X-Wing Station.


  • 2007-02-12
    There are lot of new releases in MTD Industries' future, starting with two old projects. The Fanblade Starfighter is known from Clone Wars cartoon. ARC-100 Alligator is DTM's original design of the first long range fighter build for the Republic during the Clone Wars. Because of its single engine the "Alligator" has never been the mane fighter of the ARC pilots. For new OPTs please visit MTD Industries.

    ARC-100 AlligatorFanblade Starfighter

  • 2007-02-05
    The New Year's present by General Trageton is the Diamond Station, another OPT for his Blue Phantom project. Diamond Stations were built as massive defense stations in orbit over planet Bricera during the Family war between the Vaylon and Khisar Clan. With a diameter of almost 10 km this powerful battle station can stand well against a whole enemy fleet, while its barely countable laser turrets make it more than a match for any attacker. For new OPT and informations about project visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Diamond Station Diamond Station
    The last OPT of year 2006 is Dominance-Class Battlecruiser by General Trageton. This huge battlecruiser is the product of collaboration between the Corellian Empire and the ESS. Designed and constructed shortly after the foundation of the ESS it takes design elements of classical imperial ships like the old Vengeance- and Venator-class combined with high-end ESS weapons and shield technology. These elements make it the ultimate next generation warship combining the roles of command ship, carrier and destroyer. To download this ship visit Vince T's X-Wing HQ.

    Dominance-Class Battlecruiser Dominance-Class Battlecruiser

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